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The Bosch Group is one of the world’s biggest private industrial corporations. Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, the Bosch Group has some 283,500 employees worldwide, and generated annual sales revenue of 47.3 billion euros in 2010. There are about 350 subsidiary and regional companies around the world. 
Bosch in India is a leading supplier of technology and services, and has a strong presence in the country at numerous locations in diverse industry segments. Bosch set up its manufacturing operations in 1953, and has grown over the years to 14 manufacturing sites and 3 development centers. Bosch employs about 22500 associates in India, and in business year 2010 achieved total consolidated revenue of over 6630 crores.
Our company is an authorized channel partners of German based power tool company BOSCH.We stock wide range of products such as wall chaser, rotary hammer drill, angle grinders, polishing machine, orbital sander with dust collection. BOSCH is one of the most renowned names in offering quality power tools. These tools are appreciated for its features such as application specific design, standard dimensions, sturdy construction and durablilty.

Rotary Hammer GBH 2-22 RE


Approx. Rs 6,700 / No(s)

We introduce ourselves as manufacturers and suppliers for Rotary Hammer Drills. Our rotary hammer drills are specially designed to withstand the percussive forces of masonry and concrete. They are best in class for delivering forcible hammering. Electronic variable speed control gives the tool a no load options for fast drilling. It makes great impacts on surfaces where it is used along with it saves you lots of energy and time. Our rotary hammer drills comes with an oil fitted gearbox, which helps to operate in high efficiency without stressing the user. The oil box also works as a shock absorber as they are used in creating holes on hard surfaces.

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  • Minimum Order Quantity:2 No(s)

Demolition Hammer GSH 11E


Approx. Rs 25,500 / No(s)

Avail from us Demolition Hammer with SDS Max, which is precision engineered for its usage in construction and other related applications. Designed using premium quality material, this range conforms to international quality standards and is available at industry leading prices

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  • Minimum Order Quantity:1 No(s)

Large Angle Grinders


Approx. Rs 6,000 / No(s)

large angle grinders: as per the demand of our clients and of the market, we are engaged in offering a useful collection of large angle grinders. These grinders are highly esteemed among our clients for excellent performance, optimum quality and high efficiency. Further, these are available in various models and sizes, at pocket friendly prices, and can be availed in differed customized specifications as per the requirements of our clients.  


7" (180mm):
  • gws 20-180
  • gws 22-180
  • gws 24-180
  • gws 26-180h
9" (230mm):
  • gws 20-230
  • gws 22-230
  • gws 24-230
  • gws 26-230
  • gws 26-180h
1807" (180mm):
  • gws 24-180h
  • gws 26-180h
9" (230mm):
  • gws 20-230
  • gws 22-230
  • gws 24-230
  • gws 26-230
s 22-230 :
  • gws 24-230
  • gws 26-230

Circular Saw


Approx. Rs 6,300 / No(s)

Circular Saw: We are suppliers of portable circular saw which are very handy tools with a variety of uses. They can sharpen almost any tool. Our Circular saws have a handle with on/off trigger switch, an arbor nut to hold the blade in place, and guards to protect the operator from touching the spinning blade. It is especially important to wear eye protection when operating an electric circular saw.  For safety, remember that the teeth are sharp and should not be placed on surfaces that they could damage.

Impact Drill


Approx. Rs 1,600 / No(s)

We have in store for our clients a broad spectrum of impact drills, which is extensively used in construction and other allied industries. Designed with utmost perfection, our range provides longer performance and requires low maintenance. Owing to its sturdy construction and anti-corrosive nature, our range is in high demand in the market.

Bosch Breaker GSH 16


Approx. Rs 61,500 / No(s)

Bosch Breaker: We bring forth an extensive range of sturdy, durable and optimum functioning Demolition Hammers from Bosch. This product is highly useful in a range of demolition applications, including masonry, stonework, wood or cement. It is strong enough to work in any scenario and can break the toughest material-including the hardest marble. Our demolition hammers are available in a range of 3 to 27 kgs and are characterized by optimum power. Moreover, it is easy to handle as well. This product comes in the given specifications and models:

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    • Minimum Order Quantity:1 No(s)

    Blower GBL 800 E


    Approx. Rs 4,400 / No(s)

    Item Code :  800E

    Bosch Blower GBL 800E
    Rated power input820 W
    No-load speed16000 rpm
    Weight without cable1,8 kg
    Volumetric flow rate4,5 m³/min
  • Variable speed dial wheel for easy flow speed adjustment
  • Ambidextrous lock on and hand grip design suitable for left/right handed users
  • Easiest and most convenient fixing of nozzle and dust bag.

  • Other Information
    • Minimum Order Quantity:2 No(s)

    Bosch Cut Off Saw GCO 200


    Approx. Rs 7,200 / No(s)

    Item Code :  200

    Bosch Cut-Off Saw GCO 2000
    Cutting capacity, rectangle85 x 180 mm
    Cutting capacity, square120 x 120 mm
    Cutting capacity, L-profile138 x 138 mm
    No-load speed3500 rpm
    Grinding disc diameter355 mm
    Grinding bore diameter25,4 mm
    Weight without cable17,0 kg
  • Strong aluminum arm and pivot system for heavy-duty cut in steel
  • Ergonomic round D-handle with dimples for long periods of use
  • Anti-dust and -spark motor system for longer lifespan
  • Robust guard system for minimal wobbling during cut
  • Adjustable spark guard for minimal spark deflection when cutting different shapes of material.

  • Angle Grinder GWS 20-180


    Approx. Rs 5,900 / No(s)

    Mini Angle Grinder Range

    4"(100MM) :-

    • GWS 6-100
    • GWS 7-100
    • GWS 8-100
    5" (125MM):-
    • GWS 6-125
    • GWS 10-125
    • GWS 11-125
    • GWS 14-125
    • GWS 15-125

    Other Information
    • Minimum Order Quantity:2 No(s)

    Gdm 34 M Heavy-duty Cutter


    Approx. Rs 3,000 / No(s)

    GDC 34 M - Heavy-duty cutter

    Part No. F 002 G30 003

    Wheel Dia. : 110 mm

    Max. Cutting Depth : 34 mm

    Power Input : 1300 W

    No-load Speed : 12000 rpm

    Weight : 3 Kg

    Speed Drill GBM 600


    Approx. Rs 7,000 / Unit(s)

    GBM 600 Speed Drill

    Part No. : 0 601 135 690

    Drilling Dia.: In Wood : 15 mm

    In Steel : 6 mm

    Power Input : 420 W

    No-load Speed : 3000 rpm

    Weight : 1.4 Kg

    GSB 13 RE Impact Drill


    Approx. Rs 3,050 / Piece

    GSB 13 RE - 13 mm Impact drill
    Part No. : 0 601 217 1K1
    Drilling Dia. : In Concrete : 13 mm
    Wood : 25 mm
    Steel :10 mm
    Power Input : 600 W
    Impact Rate : 48000 ipm
    No-load Speed : 0-2800 rpm
    Weight : 1.6 Kg

    Jig Saw GST 85 PBE


    Approx. Rs 10,400 / No(s)

    Part No. : 0 601 587 603 C
    utting Depth In Wood : 85 mm
    In Aluminium : 10 mm
    In Steel : 6 mm
    Power Input : 580 W
    Stroke Length : 23 mm
    No-load Stroke Rate : 500-3100 rpm
    Weight : 2.5 Kg

    Orbital Sander GSS 280 AE


    Approx. Rs 13,300 / No(s)

    GSS 280 AE - Orbital Sanders
    Part No. : 0 601 293 660
    Sanding Plate W x L : 114 x 226 mm
    Orbit Rate : 11,000-22000 rpm
    Orbit Circuit Dia. : 2.4 mm
    Rated Power Input : 330 W
    Weight : 2.6 Kg

    Screwdriver GSR 7.2 - 2V


    Approx. Rs 4,600 / No(s)

    GSR 7.2-2V - Screwdriver
    Part No. :0 601 918 NK0
    Screw Dia. : 6 mm
    Drill Dia. In Steel : 10 mm
    In Wood : 15 mm
    No-load Speed : 250-700 rpm
    Torque Range : 1-6 Nm
    Battery Voltage : 7.2 V
    Battery Capacity : 1.5 Ah
    Weight with Battery : 1.3 Kg

    Screwdriver GSR 14.4 - 2V


    Approx. Rs 10,400 / No(s)

    GSR 14.4-2 V - Screwdriver
    Part No. :0 601 918 GK0
    Screw Dia. : 8 mm
    Drill Dia. In Steel : 12 mm
    In Wood : 26 mm
    No-load Speed : (1st gear/2nd gear) 0-400/0-1400 rpm
    Torque Range : 1-8 Nm
    Battery Voltage : 14.4 V
    Battery Capacity : 1.5 Ah
    Weight with Battery : 1.6 Kg

    Hot Air Gun GHG 600 - 3


    Approx. Rs 3,000 / No(s)

    GHG 600-3 - Hot Air Gun
    Part No. : 0 601 94A 050
    Power Input : 1600 W
    Temperature Range : 300°- 500°
    Airflow Rate : 240 / 450 L/min.
    Weight : 0.73 Kg

    Hot Air Gun GHG 630 DCE


    Approx. Rs 5,100 / No(s)

    GHG 630 DCE- Hot Air Gun 
    Part No. : 0 601 94C 704
    Power Input : 2000 W
    Temperature Range : 50°- 630° C
    Airflow Rate : 150 / 300 /500 L/min.
    Weight : 0.73 Kg

    IXO Cordless Screwdriver


    Approx. Rs 2,400 / No(s)

    IXO- Cordless Screwdriver

    Part No. :0 601 960 8KO
    Screwdriver : 3 mm
    Drill Dia. : 2 mm
    Torque : 4 Nm
    No-load Speed : 180 rpm
    Battery Voltage : 3.6 V
    Weight with Battery : 0.3 Kg

    • Fixing back loose and worn out screws
    • Fixing of knobs and handles in kitchens and baths
    • Knocking down and completely setting up the furniture
    • For dodgy windows, hanging boards and creaky cupboards

    GSR 1800-LI Cordless Drill


    Approx. Rs 13,000 / No(s)

    Powerful and reliable tool

    Powerful to cover major applications of drill driver - max 33 Nm

    Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP): protects the battery against overload, overheating and total discharge

    Slim design grip for fatigue-less job


    Technical data: GSR 1800-LI Professional
    Torque, max. (hard screwdriving applications) 33 Nm
    Torque, max. (soft screwdriving applications) 18 Nm
    No-load speed (1st gear/2nd gear) 0 - 400 / 1300 rpm
    Max. impact rate 10 bpm
    Battery voltage 18 V
    Weight incl. battery 1.4 kg
    Torque settings 25
    Drilling diameter
    Max. drilling diameter in wood 29 mm
    Max. drilling diameter in steel 10 mm
    Screw diameter
    Max. screw diameter 8 mm

    Speed preselection for adjusting to suit any application.

    Forward/reverse rotation

    For inserting and removing screws.

    GSB 10,8-2-LI Professional Impact Drill


    Approx. Rs 5,200 / No(s)

    The shortest powerful impact drill driver

    Cover wide application range by one tool - impact drilling function

    Easy to handle - shortest head length 187mm in its class

    Fatigue-less work - Light weight only 1.0kg

    Technical data: GSB 10,8-2-LI Professional

    Torque, max. (hard screwdriving applications) 30 Nm
    Torque, max. (soft screwdriving applications) 13 Nm
    No-load speed (1st gear/2nd gear) 0 - 380 / 1300 rpm
    Chuck clamping range 10 mm
    Battery voltage 10.8 V
    Weight incl. battery 1 kg
    Torque settings 20
    Drilling diameter
    Max. drilling diameter in wood 19 mm
    Max. drilling diameter in steel 10 mm
    Max. drilling diameter in masonry 10 mm
    Screw diameter
    Max. screw diameter 7 mm


    For fastest possible tool changes with one hand.


    Speed preselection for adjusting to suit any application.

    Forward/reverse rotation

    For inserting and removing screws.


    GSB 1300 Professional Drill


    Approx. Rs 2,750 / No(s)

    Powerful and reliable tool

    Powerful 550 Watt motor

    13 mm keyed chuck, auxuiliary handle and depth gauge

    Full ball bearing construction for long tool life

    Benefits: GSB 1300 Professional

    • Easy switch between impact and drilling mode
    • Forward/reverse rotation for screwdriving applications


    GAS 15 L Professional Vacuum Cleaner


    Approx. Rs 12,500 / No(s)

    The versatile all-purpose wet/dry vacuum cleaner with integrated blower function

    Powerful 1200 w turbine, for high suction capacity

    Integrated blower function & Standard equipment holders, for versatile & convenient application

    Tool adapters with max. airflow regulation and non-marking rubber nozzle which fits most power tools

    Benefits: GAS 15 L Professional

    • Automatic Start / Stop for power tool operation
    • Wheels 4 robust wheels; front wheels lockable
    • Flat top, with integrated handle
    • Push & Clean, semi-automatic filter cleaning device
    • Cable hook for easy storage of the 5 m rubber cable
    • L-Class dust rating according to EN 60335-2-69 for dusts with OEL values > 1 mg/m³
    • Polyester filter cartridge, easy to clean
    Technical data: GAS 15 L Professional


    Rated power input1,200 W
    Weight without cable6.4 kg
    Container volume, gross19 l
    Container volume net water15 l
    Max. airflow62 l/sec
    Max. ventilating pressure215 mbar


    GBH 2-28 DV Professional


    Approx. Rs 12,500 / No(s)

    Powerful Bosch hammer with vibration control

    Powerful 820 W motor for enhanced performance

    Active Vibration Control for comfortable and fatigue-free use

    Robust metal covered gearbox for reliability and durability

    Benefits: GBH 2-28 DV Professional

    • Rotation stop for chisel function
    • Rotatable brush plate for optimum forward & reverse operations
    • Lock-on button for continuous drilling
    • Soft grip for comfortable and fatigue free use
    • Infinitely variable speed control for easy adjustment of speed
    • Overload clutch - for better protection of users and tool in case of jamming drill bit
    • Auxiliary handle with depth gauge and soft grip for comfortable handling
    • Quick-Change Chuck for easy switching between impact drilling in concrete and non- impact drilling in wood and metal

    GGS 3000 L Professional Straight Grinder


    Approx. Rs 7,000 / No(s)

    The compact power straight grinder for user-friendly handling

    Ergonomic and small grip for comfortable handling and control

    Spindle housing covered with plastic for better grip and heat insulation

    Optimized air vents for effective cooling

    Benefits: GGS 3000 L Professional

    • Robust 300W motor for durable lifetime
    • Rated speed of 26,000 rpm for fast job
    • Two-motion side switch for one-hand operation and maximum safety


    GDM 13-34 Professional Saw


    Approx. Rs 3,700 / No(s)

    More cutting power with the longest lifetime in class

    Powerful 1300W marble saw for fast and precise cutting in marble/granite/tile/stone

    Good dust insulation for maximum tool durability

    Handy, lightweight 2.8 kg

    Benefits: GDM 13-34 Professional

    • Strong and robust motor for longer lifetime
    • Higher power for faster work progress
    • Good dust insulation
    • Ventilation holes specially designed for dust insulation and optimal air circulation
    • Flat bearing flange with channel design to prevent dust accumulation
    • Ergonomic handle with dimples and soft grip for anti-slip and extra handling comfort
    • Optimized gripping space for extra comfort
    • Clear view of cutting line at 45° and 90°
    • Compact and adjustable base plate for 45° bevel cut


    GSH 500 Mini Breaker Hammers


    Approx. Rs 11,500 / No(s)

    “Effective & Fast” - The chipping specialist

    Reduced pushing pressure by improved impact mechanism

    Optimum 1025W motor & high impact force ensures good chiselling performanc

    Insulation area on hammer pipe protect user on griping for typical application

    Benefits: GSH 5 X Professional

    • Dust proof construction for longer lifetime
    • Straight Handle for well balance handling
    • Long lasting Hex tool holder
    Technical data: GSH 5 X Professional


    Rated power input1,025 W
    Impact energy6,8 J
    Impact rate at rated speed2750 bpm
    Weight without cable5.5 kg
    Toolholder17 mm HEX


    GCM 12 GDL Professional Saw


    Approx. Rs 50,000 / No(s)

    Unmatched cutting smoothness and durable precision

    Extreme cutting smoothness because of innovative and maintenance free gliding system

    Integrated dual line laser supports accurate cuts

    High vertical and horizontal cutting capacity

    Benefits: GCM 12 GDL Professional

    • Patented Axial-Glide™ System
    • Up to 110 mm height and 341 mm cutting width
    • Improved upfront Bevel Controls
    • Square lock Quick Release fence
    • Integrated dual line laser
    • Soft start for smooth ramp up of saw
    Technical data: GCM 12 GDL Professional


    Cutting capacity, 0° 103 x 341 mm
    Cutting capacity, 45° mitre 104 x 240 mm
    Cutting capacity, 45° incline 51 x 341 mm
    Mitre setting 52 ° L / 60 ° R
    Incline setting 47 ° L / 47 ° R
    No-load speed 3,800 rpm
    Saw blade diameter 305 mm
    Saw blade bore 30 mm
    Weight without cable 32.1 kg

    Spindle lock

    Faster, easier disc//tool changing.

    Dust extraction

    Directly into the integral dust bag on the machine and/or using an all-purpose dust extractor.

    Brake system

    The brake reduces the run-out time of the disc by up to 80%.

    Laser class 2

    Laser class for measuring tools.

    Starting current limitation

    For a safe start.



    GWS 600 Angle Grinders


    Approx. Rs 1,600 / No(s)

    Bosch 100mm (4") Professional Angle Grinder / Cutter,
    670W by Bosch
    • Bosch GWS600, GWS 600, Angle Grinder, Bosch Angle Grinder 4"
    • Minimum Order Quantity: 4 Piece(s)

    Other Information
    • Minimum Order Quantity:4 No(s)

    Straight Grinder GGS 5000L


    Approx. Rs 9,200 / No(s)

    Superior handling for heavy duty job

    Robust 500W motor for powerful grinding application

    Handy grip design for comfortable handling and superior control

    Optimized air vents for effective cooling

    Benefits: GGS 5000 Professional

    • Optimized air vent for effective cooling and long lifetime
    • Two-motion side switch for one-hand operation and maximum safety


    Other Information
    • Minimum Order Quantity:1 No(s)